New News, Grounding and Stuff

2014-05-08 16:22:23 by Zeebra

Ok so here in South Africa its a nail biting time as the presidential elections are under way and we will see which monkey will be leading us for the next four years.

Then the Nata tournament is open and  I hope I will have time to create something as I have never competed and finally got the itch. Nata Forum -

Also I am participating in the Sketch Collab again, doodle!

Lastly I am wanting to get some additional work as an animator so I created a showreel, check it out:

Showreel -

Comment and vote.

Peace Zee bra


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2014-05-09 21:37:35

ok, good arts

Zeebra responds:



2014-05-12 12:09:35

Did I ever mention I was born in south africa a long time ago?

Zeebra responds:

Hey Damien, yes I remember you mentioning something. When did you leave? Was it before Mandela's era?


2014-05-14 05:26:17

Damn. I knew I said something about that, I got such a blabber mouth. Yeah I never really grew up there, my mom took me away when I was 3 way back in 1994.

I guess the main reason I mentioned it is because if I ever wanted to move back there, we should start an animation company.

Zeebra responds:

Yeah definitely sounds like a plan